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In today’s world we can see, hear, feel, touch and use things that before only existed in our imagination or science fiction. Because of ongoing revolutionary advances in science and technology, the individual now has the ability to search for and access almost any information. In this digital age, easy information access and interactive communication from the comfort of home computers and mobile devices means that any message is doomed to be passed over unless it grabs a viewer’s attention within seconds.

Adapting to the changing times, Fisherbill Marketing provides a full range of cutting-edge creative services that seamlessly connect our clients’ marketing and advertising activities. We also assist businesses and government agencies in communicating with Canada’s various multicultural communities, helping to advance Canada as a multicultural society. Fisherbill Marketing, a leading advertising and digital marketing agency, has an outstanding ability to convey our clients’ wishes to the multicultural market and to provide them with clear insight into the Canadian market. We're understand the dynamic and ever-changing nature of information in today’s complex and constantly evolving world we offer up to the minute research with the dedication and creativity our clients need and expect.

Multicultural Marketing / Social Media Strategy / Social Media Development / Advertising Campaign Development / Communication Strategy Development / Digital Communications / Inbound Marketing / Public Relations / Creative & Design / HTML  / Digital Video Production / Creative Service / App Development 


We also manages its clients’ marketing plans through promotion, publicity and public relations. We issue press releases, hold press conferences, and place technical articles, position papers, features and other stories in both traditional and new media. We maximize a client’s success by effectively positioning and clearly articulating the value of its company or products. We create good relationships with editors and other media influencers, facilitating advantageous placement of our clients’ articles and releases.






2015 Innovation digital ecosystem & One World

2016 Digital revolution and the digitized future engineering

2017 Internet of Things, Building a Big Data and A.I Culture

2018 Understand customer's persona and the future of engineering by A.I

2019 The Wave of 5G / Personalization & Customization 

Business Referral Network

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